1. How to Install Using Module Loader

After receiving the file that you would like to install, you must first upload it to your Sugar instance. To upload a file, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Admin Panel


Step 2: Navigate to Admin > Module Loader


Step 3: Click the "Choose File" button in the Module Upload panel to open a file selection window from your browser.


Step 4: Select the file from your local computer.

Step 5: After you select your file, click the "Upload" button to complete the process


Step 6: After it has been uploaded, the package will show in the Uploaded Packages panel


Step 7: You will be brought to the installation screen to confirm that the packages should be installed, and to read and accept any license or read me documentation as needed. Click "Commit" when ready to run the installation.


Step 8: The next page will show a progress bar and a completion notice. If there are any errors, they will be displayed with a verbose explanation of what went wrong. If not, click "Display Log" to show what happened during the installation process.

Step 9: Click Back to Module Loader when complete to return to Module Loader. If you do not need to install any further packages, you can navigate to any other section of Sugar as need be.

2. End User CRM Configuration

Step 1 : Go to User Panel

Step 2 : Fill appropriate Details as shown here

sugarcrm Asterisk Integration Add-on User Configuration.


Step: 3 Save the User profile